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Bill Cumming

T-News 12/15/13

No guarantees 

To the editor:
 Linda Miller’s letter in defense of tenure does not make a convincing argument to retain this anachronistic policy.

All of her reasons for keeping tenure apply equally to everyone else in the workforce. What entitles teachers to special protection the rest of us do not enjoy? Are they so weak and ineffectual that they cannot fend for themselves? Everyone else must do a good job and trust that his or her work will add value and ensure continued employment. Why should teachers not have to do the same? In addition to the protection of tenure, they enjoy opportunities for sabbaticals, which are also not an option for the rest of us.

Just because they always dreamed of being a teacher and spent years on higher education to do so doesn’t mean they are guaranteed a lifetime of work in that field. None of us are guaranteed work in our field of endeavor. If teacher pay is too low and work too stressful, take another job. If they like working with children and are good at it, they need to do so using the same rules as the rest of us.

No tenure or special protection — just oldfashioned hard work with results.