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Joe Guy

Joe Guy


T-News 11/16/13

What power 

To the editor:
 I am amazed at the number of people opining that Rep.

Mark Meadows caused the shutdown with no more than a letter. Wow — what power.

With that much power, maybe he should write a letter telling Congress to pass a budget instead of relying on continuing resolutions. Maybe he should write a letter saying we should stop spending more than we are taking in.

Maybe he should write a letter asking the administration to explain Benghazi and Fast and Furious.

Maybe he should write a letter asking the administration to explain the actions of the IRS.

Maybe he should ask the Justice Department to explain why it is attacking North Carolina for voter fraud but not Pennsylvania, Ohio or Florida. Maybe he can ask the administration to explain why the World War II Memorial and Pisgah Inn were closed during the “shutdown” but not Andrews Air Force Base golf course or Camp David. Maybe he can ask why more support was sent to keep World War II veterans from the monument honoring them than was sent to protect our ambassadors in Benghazi.

I guess those opposed to Meadows are upset that someone is actually leading for a change. I find it far more refreshing than Kool-Aid.