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Kim Cook

Kim Cook


Teaching next generation how to abuse the system ACT 4/30/13
aybe we’ll divorce. Then we can file for food stamps. Insurance? If you’re sick, hospitals can’t deny you. We’ll accumulate debt, claim bankruptcy and start over like so many Americans. Wait. 

Letters to the Editor 

Why work? I’ll quit and the government will support us. More kids? Then we’ll get thousands of dollars on our taxes. By doing this we’ll have it made. We can sit on our backsides and teach the next generation how to abuse the system, how not to take care of themselves.

Is this how we want future American adults to run our country? To know it’s OK not to try and not work hard to get ahead in life? Take the easy way out?

I’m glad I won’t be around to see the morals of our ancestors thrown away by future citizens. Thanks, Barack Obama and Congress for throwing all the free stuff out there. And thank you, taxpayers, for making this all possible. 

Kim Cook, Hendersonville