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Linda Bennett

Lynda Bennett


Recalling the early roots of gun control  ACT 3-19-13
fascinating twist of gun control is recalling that the Democratic Party started gun control as part of racist Jim Crow laws passed after the Civil War to control freed slaves. The Democrats understood that guns in the hands of freed slaves allowed them to fight back and protect themselves. They prohibited people of color from owning guns or ammunition. We have good reason to distrust them. The Ku Klux Klan was the militant arm of the Democratic Party. Research this dark history lesson. We must support the “freedom” to keep and bear arms in America. Nationwide gun control and “registration” is on the table. Do not be confused by the discussion of safety or “registration.” Certain people have fought for decades to take away our “freedom” to keep and bear arms. They call it many names including Jim Crow, registration, assault weapon, qualification and safety. Gun controls have been enforced against “people of color” in the past and now to be imposed on everyone. The Democratic Party favored gun control — then and now. Call Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan and President Obama to let them know how you feel about their gun control ideas. 

Lynda Bennett, Maggie Valley