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Norm Bomer

ACT 12/15/13

Says voucher lawsuit about control, personal gain
asha Vrtunski’s public comments (on WLOS) on behalf of the NCAE Teachers Union lawsuit against the school voucher system are misleading.

Funny how liberal buzzwords such as “equality” and “choice” are applied so selectively. Parents who send their children to private schools continue to pay taxes for the public schools they do not use. Where’s the equality in that? And students who attend private schools reduce the population of public schools, thus lowering their expenses. Per-student spending at private schools is less than half of government spending of taxpayer money at public schools. At the same time, standardized test scores from private schools clobber those from public schools.

Contrary to Vrtunski’s claims, more money is not needed in North Carolina’s public schools. Where is freedom of choice under a government that will not allow parents’ taxes to be used in the schools their kids actually attend? This lawsuit by the teachers union is not about education. It is about control and personal gain. 

Norm Bomer, Asheville