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Gary Gresh

Flat Rock, NC

My Dearest Darling Barbara 

  • ISBN-10: 0595455654
  • ISBN-13: 978-0595455652

One is too many

To the editor: Voting is the most important thing you get to do as an American. I fought in two wars, shivered in the rain as a ranger in Vietnam and worried about my soldiers when I commanded a brigade-sized unit in Desert Storm. All because I was an American with an inalienable right to vote.

So, when someone tells me there is so little voter fraud as to make identification unnecessary, I began to ponder this dilemma. I have decided that even one person committing voter fraud is one too many. Because that one person could cancel my vote, and I am extremely selfish about my vote. I have fought hard for my one vote to count, and no one should be allowed to cancel my vote — or your vote either!

A person needs an ID card to drive a car, go to the library or even to buy mouthwash if you used a credit card, so what is so hard about using that same ID card to prove your citizenship, the greatest honor in the world? And by the way, the DMV with give you a picture ID card for free! 


U.S. Army (retired), Flat Rock