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Walter Cox

Walter Cox


ACT 10/26/13

Says ACA puts us on road to serfdom
n the letter, “Finds savings with Affordable Care Act,’’ the writer relates his recent experience with health insurance. The writer was paying Blue Cross $561 per month for insurance for him and his wife. Due to changes required by the ACA, such as mandatory coverage’s and guaranteed issue, his rate increased to $1,201. The writer then went to the website, where he was able to purchase a policy for $381, a nice savings. He closes his letter with “try it, you will like it.” Note that the writer began this story as a self-reliant man, paying his own way for health insurance. Due to an enormous increase caused by the ACA, he went to the government website to find alternatives. As all rates quoted on this site include available subsidies, he is now able to buy insurance at below market rates, as he is being subsidized by other, younger people. Thus the journey of a self-reliant independent man to becoming a ward of the state is complete. We are encouraged to “try it, you will like it,” but we cannot be a free people when reliant on others. We are on the road to serfdom. 

Walter Cox, Candler