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1st Air Force One

2nd Amendment


       Gun Control 

       History of Gun Control

       Liberals With Guns

       Next Republican President

       Tyrants Wants to Disarm Us


       911 Jour 1

        Largest Boat Rescue in History

A Deck of Cards

A Pittance of Time 


       Part One

       Part Two

       Part Three

American Form of Government

Deneen Borelli

      Radical Brownies Indoctrination


Dr. Ben Carson

       2nd Amendment

       Access for Every American

       Empowering the States

       Leveraging Science & Technology

       Personal Accounts, Personal Control

       Role of Black Leaders in Ferguson

       Saving America

       Tort Reform

Sheriff David A. Clarke


Hillary Clinton

       Clinton Cash


Dr. Roy Cordato

       The inherent flaws of Keynesian Economics

Bill Crosby

        Pound Cake Speech

Ted Cruz

       Silent No More

Charlie Daniels

        Simple Man

Denish D'Souza

         Give me your sandwich.

Down Sizing Government

    Department of Energy 


    Department of Health and Human Services

    Department of Labor


Congresswoman Duckworth

Conservative Republicans

Empty Chair

Catherine Engelbrecht


Feminist Professor Charged with Assulting Pro-Life Teen

Elbert L. Guillory

        Why I am a Republican

Milton Friedman

John Locke Foundation


Trey Gowdey

       Benghazi; Where was the MEDIA?

How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked By the Police

Dr. John Lennox

Dr. James Manning



Muslim Culture

       ACT! For America

       Belgium Under Siege

        Counter Jihad

       Human Rights of Islamics

       Leather Jacket

        Muslim Culture meets German Engineering   

       Pakistaini Auto Club

       The Grand Jihad


Judge Napolitano

      ACA and Patriot Act



        A Muslim President

        America First

        Beach Blanket Recovery        

        Can't Keep His Doctor

        Dr. Barbara Bellar sums uo Obamacare



        False Hope

        False Hope, False Messiah

        Four years of stupid

        Halftime in America

        Hitler Struggles with Obamacare

        Jimmy O'Bama

        Joan Rivers

        New World Order

        Obama Song

        OCare Website Hidden Source Code Says Users "Have No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy" 

        President to blame for dip in US patrioism

        Shameless Gall


        TEA Party Views on Climate Change

        The ONE

        The Most Viral Video for 2014

        Too Stupid to Govern Themselves


Bill O'Reilly

       America's Race Problem 


One of my favorite Bob Hope Scenes

Star Parker

        How many more deaths must happen?

        Welfare Reform


Sarah Palin

        A Great speach Sarah Palin 2014 CPAC


Nancy Pelosi

        Exercise Video

        Why Work When Taxpayers Will Cover Your Health Care Bills?  


Philadelphia Mayor

Politicans Acting Badly


        Apathetic USA

        Archie Bunker

        Climate McCarthyism



        Health Care Agencies

        Hey, "Tolerant" Liberal, Can Deneen Borelli Finish a Sentence?

        If I were the Devil 1

        49 Years ago - Chilling       

        Liberal Thinker

        Occupy Atlanta

        The French Success


Ronald Reagan

         A Soldiers Pledge

         A Time for Choosing

         Defines Fascism

         On his knees

         From the 50's


Marco Rubio        


Remember Me

Mimi Steel

        Private Property Rights

George Soros

       Alex Jones Puts Soros on Notice


Star Spangled Banner (Two Verses)

Star Spangled Banner (Four Verses)


Ted Nuggent

The Forgotten Man

Two Trillion Tons

USS Arizona


Walter Williams

        Economic Myths and Realities

What Every White Person Should Hear

What We Should Be Saying

White House Trespassers

Who really is coming across the border #1

Who really is coming across the border #2

You picked a fine time to leave me

ZZ Drone Pilots

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